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Browser Tips


  1. Highlight word (double-click on it)
  2. Right click “Search Google for ____”
  3. Look at the top-left at the box with the dictionary result. Synonyms might be best.
  4. Look also at the top-right.

Voice Typing:

  1. Open a new Google Doc
  2. Voice Type (see video below to learn how to do it)
  3. Select All, Copy, switch to Edgenuity tab
  4. Paste text into Edgenuity writing window
  5. Move Google Doc to Trash

Zoom In on your screen:

  1. Click on the 3 dots near your picture/icon
  2. Click the + or - next to the word “Zoom”
  3. Ctrl + and Ctrl - works, too

On a Chromebook, use the trackpad and pinch & reverse-pinch with two fingers to zoom in & out